Raca Baka Part 2

Chapter 2-1

Chapter 2-2


2 thoughts on “Raca Baka Part 2

  1. Though it seems forgotten with all the hubub of shutting down the old digs, and moving into the new digs, I’ve started work again on CH# 2-1 of Raca Baka I’ve basically had to reread what I’ve done so far, and check all my notes, before beginning again. I’m giving myself a couple of weeks to finish it, I hope!


  2. It’s taking longer than I originally anticipated(No big surprise there :P), so I’m hoping early June now. Chapter 2-1 looks to be about 15K words, well above the 10K goal I set for myself.(Also no surprise.)

    A small forewarning, to those that are used to the timbre and tone of Part 1. The language and themes will be more adult in this part, as Dakotah ventures out from his cocoon.


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